Keyboard shortcut for highlighting text?

As I'm reading it would be nice to be able to highlight text and then quickly press something like CMD+H to highlight it with yellow, for example

Does this exist?

If not, can I help to add it?
  • You're aware that you can just click the highlight tool in the toolbar to lock it on, and then any text you select will be automatically highlighted?
  • ah, I was not. this is pretty nice!

    I sometimes highlight with my mouse as I'm reading though, so having that keyboard shortcut still seems better. but it's not a burning need.
  • edited December 28, 2022
    I see that when I select color and type letters the text is in selected color.

    However for already written text, I can't lock the tool on. Windows10+6.0.19.

    To highlight texts...
    - Select the text
    - Click the tool bar
    - Select color

    Then the tool bar turns to default.

    In this situation is there any way to lock it on?
  • @compunk: This is about the PDF reader, not the note editor.
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