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edited December 14, 2022
Hi there!

Good news for those who are using Zotero notes and Markdown: Effortlessly sync your Zotero notes with Markdown files with the plugin Better Notes!

Better Notes v0.8.0 ( is here to synchronize your notes with Markdown automatically, out of the box.

Synchronization or Intergtation?
Existing integrations for linking Zotero with Obsidian, for example, can be complex and require multiple plugins, including potentially paid ones. What's more, they are highly platform-dependent, which means you cannot leave these 3rd party Markdown editors painless.

Using current integration methods, the Markdown files can be limited in formatting or cluttered with metadata, making them less elegant.

Furthermore, these methods do not allow for easy updates and synchronization of content, formatting, and metadata when either the Zotero notes or the Markdown files are modified. You have to merge modifications manually or leave them in a mess.

The Better Notes' Solution
Better Notes addresses these issues by providing an easy-to-use solution for syncing Zotero notes and Markdown files.

After performing an initial export to Markdown, the plugin automatically maintains synchronization between the two, without the need for complex configuration or multiple plugins.

See details about syncing here: English | Chinese

Discussions about syncing on GitHub

About Better Notes

Better Notes is a knowledge-based note plugin for Zotero.

It streamlines your unordered workflows of metadata analyzing, paper reading, annotating, and note-taking into a closed loop in Zotero.

Works out of the box and is highly customizable.

Github Homepage

Better Notes Handbook: English | Chinese

Previous discussions in the forums
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