Zotero integration with obsidian - caught in an endless loop where the zotero link isn't opened

I was trying the zotero integration plugin for obsidian. It created a link in Obsidian for me to click on to go into Zotero to show where the annotation in the PDF is supposed to be. I noticed that this link seemed sort of different. When I clicked on the link it came up with a little window that said this link needs to be opened with an application. I have never seen this before. The title at the top of the window said "Launch Application". It wouldn't open the link for some reason when I chose Zotero as the application to open the link. It also gave me a checkbox option that said "remember my choice for zotero links". I have 2 computers and I selected this option on one of my computers and now whenever I try to open that zotero link from Obsidian on that laptop, it seems like it gets caught in a loop where zotero keeps trying to open the file over and over and over again. It only stops if I shit down Obsidian. Anyone have any idea as to how to fix this or what is happening?
  • I encounter exactly the same thing when using anki(the card is generated by logseq anki plugin though), when clicking the link I made using zotero select item. It will do exactly what op said and entering to the loop.
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    Try deleting mimeTypes.rdf from your Zotero profile directory and restarting Zotero.

    That dialog is already from Zotero. I'm not sure why you're getting it — it would depend on the exact link being generated — but if you choose Zotero, you'll get an endless loop.
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