What's the max length of a title for sync?

The context for this is that I'm thinking about Mastodon import. For Twitter, we do import the whole text, but Mastodon instances most commonly allow messages up to 500 chars and some have even higher limits, so that might get a bit long.

Also interested if anyone has more general thought about how to handle this (i.e. what's the "title" of a Mastodon post. Even for Twitter, full message became a bit lengthy since the switch to 280 chars.
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    500 or even higher is fine. (No guarantee of a particular length, but synced fields can currently be much bigger than that, because we try to avoid the too-long error unless absolutely necessary.)
  • The APA manual says to cite up to 20 words of a social media post. That seems like a reasonable upper limit for import (still too long IMO)
  • Oh, I like that, I'll see if I can do that -- do ellipses at the end for shortened posts?
  • APA manually doesn’t have one, but I think it would be better to include one
  • For the Twitter translator, we add the full tweet to Abstract if the title is modified (e.g., because we stripped newlines) or if it's a quote tweet. Could do something similar here.
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