Cell Phone Problem Displaying Notes

I apologize if this question has already been asked, but I don't see a way to search the forum from my phone.

This morning the form displaying my freestanding notes on my cell phone has been reduced to three lines at a time. Most of the screen is blank, or reserved for tags, it appears. It has been a few days since I looked anything up on my phone, so I don't know when it started. But it definitely was not like this up until a week ago.
  • That's just the mobile website, or the iOS app?
  • It looks like this would be the web library. We just rolled out the new note editor on it and it looks like the layout at the smallest sizes needs some tweaking.
  • We've deployed a new version where this problem has been fixed. Thanks for reporting.
  • It's better, now showing on half of my cell screen, but still not what it used to be. I am on an Android phone.
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