Risk factor with using trunk (dev version)?

I am wondering if anyone can help me assess whether to try the dev version. I am thinking about trying it because it includes a fix of an issue I'm having with syncing search folders, but the existing documentation makes it sound like using the dev version with one's actual data is really risky. So, let's say I try the dev version with a new instance of Firefox (a new profile)---would this potentially jeopardize my data on the server, or is that extremely unlikely? Any advice appreciated.
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    I don't think I would switch to the trunk for this - just have a little patience usually version updates are released relatively frequently - and while I think the chances that the trunk will mess up your data on the server is small, the chance does exist and I don't think you'd want to take it.
    That said, if you are really keen on having this work, just take _very_ frequent local back-ups of your local data folder (if possible, using a time-machine type of set-up that does this automatically and keeps some of the old versions) and you should be fine even if things go wrong.

    Edit - and do remember to switch back to the regular beta as soon as 2.0.77 or 2.0.8 (whicherver it will be) comes out.
  • "Patience"...ah yes, I heard of that once. :-)

    Thanks very much for the advice. That's a good point that I could just do regular backups. But I think I've come up with a workable interim solution...
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