Bibliographical List of Cases using Bluebook

Hello, I was wondering whether there is a better method than manually separating cases from other materials into a list of cases as I am creating my bibliography. I am working in Scrivener, and my citation style is Bluebook. Thank you so much in advance for your time and help.
  • The Bluebook style doesn't define a bibliography at all and I didn't think the Bluebook itself did either, so definitely not for Bluebook, no. For other styles, CSL/Zotero can sort by item types in the bibliography, so in general this is possible.
  • I guess I should have mentioned I knew that. My thought was to compile the list of cases using other style and using the output to fill the list of cases. Would you be so kind as to suggest the process with an alternative style? Thank you!
  • Hi there, any suggestions for a style that would allow me list cases separately from other materials? Thank you!
  • AGLC and OSCOLA would be examples.
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