Sync error that stops all syncing

Report ID 82543551

When attempting to auto-sync upon opening Zotero, get the error message:

Empty path for item RU9TRWCI in Zotero.Sync.Storage._processDownload()

Stops all syncing.
  • What WebDAV service/server are you using?

    If you provide a Debug ID we'll take a look, though this may be a compatibility problem with the WebDAV software in question.
  • Also, it's not actually stopping all syncing. Metadata will continue to sync.
  • It started to work fine on its own a few hours after my post. I didn't do anything with Zotero during that time, other than exporting my library.

    I don't use WebDAV software.

    I ran the sync again today, logged the results (Debug ID D231892318), but it synced fine.
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