"et al." in style: American Journal of Agricultural Economics

edited November 28, 2022
I have a few citations by the same authors and they are currently displayed like this:

(Brodeur, Cook and Heyes 2022a; Brodeur, Cook and Heyes 2022b; Brodeur, Cook and Neisser 2022; Brodeur et al. 2020; Ferraro and Shukla 2020; Huntington‐Klein et al. 2021; Kranz and Pütz 2022)

I have edited the style such that it shows et al when a minimum of 3 authors are on a paper. However, here it displayes the first three papers without et al., and I don't know how to change this. I would very much appreciate your help!

  • that's toggled by the disambiguate-add-names attribute on <citation> (the attribute adds authors to citation beyond the et-al-use-first count to disambiguate different author teams) -- set it to false (or delete it entirely, which does the same).
  • Great, thanks!
  • Worked well!! Thanks again.

    Now, how can I change that instead of
    Brodeur et al. 2022a; Brodeur et al. 2022b; Brodeur et al. 2022c; Brodeur et al. 2020

    it shows:
    Brodeur et al. 2022a; 2022b; 2022c; 2020

  • Do you have collapse="year" set, also on citation?
  • Nope. I just added it. Thanks a lot!!!
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