Bibliography not generating


I am working on a document that's large enough - almost 400 references.
Zotero has gotten slower as the document has gotten longer - perhaps a processing speed issue with the hard drive.

I was having many issues with the document on Friday including the "Word could not communicate with Zotero. Please ensure Zotero is running and try again." and "Zotero could not perform this action. Please ensure that a document is open. If you have performed a custom installation of Office, you may need to run the installer again, ensuring that “Visual Basic for Applications” is selected." error messages. I was on the forums and went through the basic troubleshooting steps. No joy. Had to leave the document to go to work. Returned to the document this am and without doing anything new all of the references refreshed and updated for me as soon as I clicked the 'refresh' button. So I though the problem had spontaneously resolved.

However it stopped communicating again immediately after the refresh. I cannot edit references or insert a bibliography. I'm using macOs High Sierra Version 10.13.6. Word is Version 16.43. Zotero is 6.0.18.

Open to suggestions. Obviously I'm terrified of anything that may jeopardise the referencing connection given the complexity of the document.


  • Both your version of OS and Word are heavily outdated. When these versions of Word and OS were current, we had many reports like this, but with the up-to-date versions of OS and Word today we don't really get any. We are not sure whether it was Word or macOS update that addressed these, but we strongly recommend you update both. It's easiest to start with Word. Make sure you restart Zotero after updating Word.
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