De Gruyter full book

Anyone able to get Zotero to pick up a full book via PDFs from the De Gruyter webpage with institutional access to each individual chapter? My Zotero extension thinks it's picking up a 'book' when on the book's page, but in reality it just takes the first listed individual PDF, usually Front Matter, and leaves the rest of the chapters behind. Annoying that De Gruyter doesn't have a full download option, but in the meantime is there a way to tell Zotero to pick up all the PDFs linked on one page?
  • There appears to be some sort of error with the translator:
    Report ID: 849655203

    I can confirm that up until just recently Zotero was picking up the whole book from De Gruyter. The last few days, I also noticed that the extension was only grabbing the first 4 pages. This is definitely new behavior and not sure if it due to the extension or De Gruyter. Chapters do download correctly and I can download the entire book from the De Gruyter's download button, but the Zotero extension does not work to grab the whole book, thought the citation comes in correctly.
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