Crash log 104752001


I have recently been unable to access my data base. The app will not open fully just immediately prompts a crash log window. Trying to wrap up my dissertation and I am really needing access. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app with no success, also tried to export and that ljust lead to blank pages. Do you know the solution?


  • (Be sure to note in the thread title that you're referring to the iOS app.)

    You're saying you removed the app from your iPhone and reinstalled it from the App Store and this still happened? At what point, exactly? While we'll look into the crash, generally the immediate workaround would just be to delete and reinstall the app.
  • @diengerzone unfortunately this crash happens in a third party library that we are using. There is a fix on the way, but for now you'll have to delete and reinstall the app.
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