Formatting on browser vs standalone Zoteros


Here's the situation. Hopefully this is the correct forum to ask for clarification. I use a PowerBook and the most recent versions of both FF and DDG.
Standalone Zotero (SZ) allows background color highlighting, but not text coloring. SZ stays with the default font for my laptop. It also allows tags on the notes.
Browser Zotero (BZ) allows color formatting of background and text and choice of font and font size. But won't allow tags on the notes.

Then, if I color the text with BZ, SZ will still see them.

Please explain what's going on here, and hopefully also how to manage these issues.

  • The web library still has the older note editor, which was a generic HTML text editor. The desktop app has a new note editor — it can support all kinds of advanced functionality, like the new annotation functionality in Zotero 6, but formatting features have to be specifically implemented, and we haven't yet added back all the options that were available in the old note editor. We'll be adding those in upcoming versions.

    The new note editor will also soon be coming to the web library, so they'll have the same functionality going forward.
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    Thanks, that makes sense. You guys obviously are dealing with a lot of different pleas from users and intended improvements. Can you estimate where this stands on your "to do" list?
  • The new note editor is now available in the web library, so you should get the same formatting in both places.

    I can't provide an estimate for when other formatting options will be available, but when they do, they'll be available in both places around the same time.
  • Hi,

    Maybe there's a misunderstanding? In the Web Library, my issue is adding tags to specific notes, and not the entire library entry. In the Desktop Library, those tags are added through the “tags” field at the bottom of the particular note.

    After reading your response, I just tried again – no change.


  • It wasn't clear from your original message which feature after you are specifically. Web library now uses the same note editor as Zotero (desktop app) so many of the differences from your original post no longer apply.

    However managing tags on child items is still missing in web library, it will be added in the future.
  • OK, thanks. That would help a lot. While reading longer technical articles, it can save a lot of time to specify the page, column and line number with tags in the notes.

    Another item on the wish-list (wink, wink) is restoring the use of colored fonts.
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