Is 'Zotero Word for Windows Integration 3.5.6 version' supported by Microsoft Office 2016??

Hi everyone!
And thanks to the Zotero community for such a wonderful platform.

I'm using Zotero Word integration for long time, and currently my software is:
Zotero version is 6.0.18
Zotero Word for Windows Integration 3.5.6 version
Windows 10 Pro
Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016

Zotero Standalone works well, and Zotero buttons on Word ribbon also are visible.
But suddenly the integration between the two softwares have been lost, and Zotero options are not running into Word.

In Zotero Tools > Complements, appears a new message saying:
'Zotero Word for Windows Integration is incompatible with Zotero 6.0.18'
And for that reason the extension is 'disabled' and cannot update to a compatible version.

Maybe someone can help me with this problem?
  • That's an odd error -- it's not an issue with the Word version, but Zotero claiming it's not compatible with its own Word add-on.

    First thing I'd try is to re-install the Word add-on from the Cite tab of the Zotero preferences. (Make sure Word is closed when you do that)

    If that doesn't work, I do think it's worth trying to re-install Zotero entirely (while you should always have a back-up of all your data, re-installing Zotero will leave all your Zotero data in place.
  • Thank you for your help adamsmith.
    Unfortunatelly, it doesn't work.
    I have re-installed Zotero again and eliminate the file 'Zotero.dotm' from Office 'Start' folder, but the problem persists.
    It is not possible to install Word add-on because it even appears in the Cite tab of Zotero preferences, it only appears the option for installing LibreOffice...
    Another options...?
  • In Zotero, can you go to Tools --> Add-ons and click on "More" under "Word for Windows Integration", take a screenshot, post it to a free hosting site (dropox, google drive,, etc.) and link to it from here?

    The current version of Zotero's Word integration is 6.0.2, and 3.5.6 is many, many years old, so this is really quite bizarre.
  • @pablocomo You have a very old version of the Zotero Word plugin back from when Zotero was a Firefox extension. You don't need to install the Word plugin separately anymore, it comes bundled with Zotero, but if you do install an old version, it overrides the bundled one.

    Go into Zotero Tools -> Addons and uninstall the Word integration plugin, then restart Zotero and reinstall the integration plugin in Zotero Preferences -> Cite -> Word Processors.
  • @pablocomo: Do you know where you installed that from? Is that something you recall doing recently?
  • Problem solved!

    Thank you so much guys.
    As @adomasven and @adamsmith said, the version I was using was very old and a separate one from the buldled one that comes with Zotero installer now.
    I just had to remove the installed version from the add-on options (in Tools) and then the new Word integration plugin appeared in the Preferences > Cite menu.
    I just installed it and begin to work properly.

    Thanks a lot for your help again!
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