Missing Metadata when saving iisd report


The metadata from this report https://www.iisd.org/system/files/2021-10/trade-support-climate-adaptation-developing-countries.pdf misses info, and should be a "report" instead of a "journal article". It also misses author info (except for the first one), date, institution, pages, and the url.

Debug ID: D1706260105
I am using Firefox 107.0

Thank you! (Did I post this correctly?)
  • I'm afraid PDFs of items without identifiers (i.e. mostly journal articles and some ebooks and other documents containing DOIs or ISBNs on their first pages) are just going to produce low-quality metadata when you import them -- not much Zotero is going to be able to do about that.

    For many source, it works better to save from the item landing page rather than importing the PDF directly (i.e. https://www.iisd.org/publications/leveraging-trade-support-climate-adaptation-developing-countries ) but IISD provides almost no machine-readable metadata, so that doesn't help here, either.
  • Just noticed that I never thanked you for your answer! So sorry. The answer is highly appreciated. Thank you, adamsmith!

    I will directly write to IISD about this. Maybe they will put more info in their metadata in the future.
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