Parent items created in desktop and syncing with web library

edited November 23, 2022
I created a parent item in the Zotero desktop and added a couple of child PDFs under the same parent (they have different filenames). Later, when I tried to look at the documents on the web library, the parent item is appearing as a PDF and on trying to open it, it did so but was one of the PDFs that was meant to be there. The other wasn't visible.

Is there a problem with how the web library handles parent items, or am I missing something?

Edit for clarity: Windows 10 64-bit desktop version, and Windows 10 Enterprise 64-bit accessing the web library via MS Edge
  • If your sync has completed, item and all attachments should be in the same state on both ends. One major difference is that in web library attachments appear in the details pane (usually on right-hand side) in "attachments" tab and not in the main list. If you can't see expected files there, there might be problem with your desktop Zotero syncing, please follow steps described here.
  • Many thanks for highlighting the difference in the web library - all PDF files are there under the 'attachments' tab as expected, so looks like no sync problem. I had not looked any further than the details pane - my bad.

    Much appreciated, and thanks for taking the time to reply!
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