Feature Idea: Suggest currently opened PDF in citation picker

Hi all,
when adding a citation to a note, Zotero currently auto-fills the citation picker dialogue with the PDF that is currently opened. I think that's really clever and it would be great if this helpful functionality could also be included in the citation picker dialogue in LibreOffice.

Thank you!
  • That's a bit too indirect. When you're editing a child note in the PDF reader, it obviously knows what item you're talking about, but if you just click Add/Edit Citation in a word processor there's no particular guarantee that the selected item in Zotero is at all relevant.

    I think there could be an easier way to insert the selected item, but I don't think it can be the default in that way.
  • Yes, I can see that. I'm using two screens and usually have Zotero open on one and LibreOffice on the other, which is why I'll usually cite the item that I'm currently viewing in the PDF viewer. I have no idea if others are using the program in a similar way, of course.
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