(Author, year) in-line with main text instead of superscript number footnote

Is there anyway to do this like for Cell press journals where first author and year are stated in the text instead of a superscript number.

I hope this makes sense, I've been searching the site and can't find anything but I might be using incorrect terminology.
  • Where are you trying to publish, is the better question here.
  • Trying for Cell. It seems that all the Cell journal styles in Zotero use superscript numeral footnotes instead of (author, year) like other styles.This seems to be an error?

    If I change to an (author, year) style like APA or something that works but it’s a different citation format in the bibliography.

    I’m trying to figure out where I would edit this in the style editor but can’t figure out what code to add.
  • The style is correct. See https://forums.zotero.org/discussion/comment/418783/ for details and how to use the old format (which you shouldn't use if you're submitting to Cell though)
  • When is this change going to be implemented? I'm looking at the Cell website right now and all the papers still use (author, year) format.

  • Current submissions should be in the new format -- see the link at the bottom of that thread.
  • I see, indeed they are updating this. I saw no immediate references to this on the Cell author instructions. Thank you for staying so current on this.
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