[iOS beta] [Bug - UI - Regression] PDF viewer loses zoom state (Testflight v.1.0.8 build #2)

When the Zotoro app is launched (including auto-restoring after multitasking to another app for more than a few seconds), the page zoom position is lost in the PDF viewer.
- (i.e. the PDF opens to the most recently-viewed page, but it zooms back to the 'whole page' view')

Previous versions did retain page zoom position across app launches (and maybe?? between devices connected to the same library).

- Risk of data loss: No
- Impact on productivity: Minor
- Impact on performance: n/a

Category: Internal PDF viewer

Date first discovered: 21 Nov 2022
Date most recently experienced: 22 Nov 2022

Zotero iOS v. 1.0.8 build #2 (via Testflight)

- [ _ ] Attachment-related
- [ _ ] Network- / sync-related
- [ X ] UI-related
- [ _ ] Database-related

Last known good version: 1.0.4

First known version impacted: ?
Most recent known version impacted: 1.0.8 build #2


This is most noticeable for detailed diagrams or multi-column text pages, as might be found in a journal article or a digital 'broad-sheet' newspaper.

This is most likely to affect users who frequently read documents that might cause them to switch to another app and then return to Zotoro, and users who may need to use their device for unrelated tasks.

This behavior appears to have changed sometime between v1.0.4 and 1.0.8 build #2.
- The zoom level and intra-page scroll position used to be preserved.

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