Zotero not working in Ventura

Zotero was working fine in M1 Macbook, before updating it to Ventura few days back. When I click on the Zotero icon it starts jumping in the bottom icon bar, but do not open. After few minutes "application not responding" message is shown. Can anyone help.
  • Most likely you're on an outdated version. Reinstall Zotero from the download page.
  • I have downloaded the latest version 6. But still it has the same problem.
  • Are you running Ventura 13.0.1?

    There's no general problem in Ventura, so this is something specific to your system.
  • Yes. I am running Ventura 13.0.1. I am also searching whether other users have also facing this problem or not.
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    No, there've been no other reports of this, and Zotero has been running fine on Ventura for months.

    You should delete the program completely from Applications, restart your computer, and reinstall it from the download page. It sounds like this is a problem on your system with Rosetta 2, which is the built-in component macOS uses to run programs that haven't yet been updated for Apple Silicon. If it's not getting past the bouncing-in-the-dock stage, that's the most likely problem. Short of reinstalling macOS, the best you can hope for may be to clear some cache that's causing this not to work.

    If you're running any sort of third-party system software, you should try disabling it.

    Do you get any sort of crash report when it closes?
  • Hi, my zotero also stopped working after updating my macbook air to ventura 13.01. I had no issues previously.
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    @juha.ebc: Same answer. If you're still having trouble, start a new thread, explain exactly what's happening, and answer my question above.
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    Same here. Zotero is perhaps my most frequently used app, so I need to go back to Monterey unless a fix gets put into place quickly. I am using Ventura 13.2.
  • There's no "fix" — nothing is broken in Ventura. Millions of people use Zotero, so if there was some general problem with the latest version of macOS, we would have countless reports a day. Zotero is developed and tested on Ventura every day.

    Again, if you're having trouble, do what I said above, and if the problem continues, start a new thread and explain exactly what's happening.
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