Is it possible to see all items of a folder of any level and those in its subfolders?

Dear Colleagues:

I meet with the problem of handling the hierarchy of folders and their subs, and I wonder if anyone else has been confused as well. As far as I know, it is not easily achievable currently in Zotero to view items of a folder of any level and those items of its subfolders. The feature becomes an obstacle when searching for items that hide within its numerous subfolders especially when the hierarchy of folders is rather sophisticated and probably the item is beyond the grasp of mind. Is anyone willing to help me out with suggestions of folder hierarchy management to avoid the problem? Or if possible, will it be better to make it possible to switch between a mode in which all items of a folder and its subfolders can be displayed in the same major window and the current one? If either, many thanks!

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    Do you mean this?
    Show Items from Subcollections
    By default, items added to a subcollection do not automatically appear in parent collections. This can be changed by toggling “Show Items from Subcollections” in the View menu. This setting is not currently available in the online library.

    Combined with this feature:
    Identifying Collections an Item is In
    To see all the collections an item is in, select the item and then hold down the Option (Mac), Control (Windows), or Alt (Linux) key. Keep the key pressed. After a brief delay, the collections containing the item will be highlighted.
  • Many thanks! It seems I have been using zotero without exploring its document or settings throughly. And if this question bothers you a little, I sincerely apologize!
  • I am glad I could help, no worry.
    I have switched to Zotero a few months ago, and I am also still discovering some of the nice features available.
  • Generally speaking, never interpret an answer in the form of a link as criticism/snark: no one expects you to read through all documentation before asking a question, on the contrary -- but documentation is handy to point to rather than writing out an answer.
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