Issue Typing Zotero Notes—Sluggish Delayed Appearance of Letters

Hello : I have an issue typing notes in Zotero. When I type, the letters are delayed for a few seconds. Once I start typing, this issue progressively gets worse (longer delays before letters appear). I've also noticed that at times if it occurs for a long duration it can lead to the menus being unresponsive.

I have tried eliminating all addons. I also reinstalled 2x, each time to a new location—always trying without addons. I use the beta version.

When I am not typing, Zotero behaves normally. No "slow" issues dragging annotations to a note, etc.

I thought it was Grammarly, but I have exited it entirely. Grammarly also has an exception set so that it is not active with Zotero. But, it reminds me a little of Grammarly behavior when it is on for OneNote—it gets sluggish and hitches.
  • This certainly sounds like a conflict with something else installed on your system. We haven't had any other reports of this.

    If you provide a Debug ID for typing we can see if anything shows up, but I doubt it.

    You can also try in an empty Zotero library in a different OS user account. If it doesn't happen there, that would be one indication that it's something installed in this account (though there could be something system-wide that's interfering).
  • Hi dstillman. I think it's something like you describe as well. I will try the different OS account. Here is the Debug ID information from the clipboard: D698747331

    Thank you for your insights and help
  • Hello again dstillman. I tried a different user and the problem was system wide. Despite uninstalling McAfee long ago, there were 5 processes that were unstoppable and loaded despite disabling them from loading on boot. I deleted them in Safe Mode and to my surprise, it resolved this issue. Thought I'd share this in case someone else encounters it. Thank you for your time.
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