PDF Reader: Time delay when switching from scrolling to zooming

edited February 12, 2023
I often scan through a paper in the Zotero PDF Reader by scrolling quickly through the pages with the mouse Scroll and zooming in or out the figures with Ctrl+Scroll. I switch between them multiple times as I adjust the position and the zoom depending on what I am focusing on.

However, I often feel that the zooming is unresponsive after pressing Ctrl. I need to try multiple times until it finally moves in or out.
After more testing, it appears that there is a time delay (1 to 2 seconds maybe) when switching from scrolling with the mouse Scroll to zooming with Ctrl+Scroll. It is not a very serious issue, but it is quite annoying to stop on this problem multiple times as I scan through papers.

Is it possible to remove this delay?

I have tested doing the same in Adobe Acrobat, and it is working perfectly smoothly.
I observe this even on small PDF files, so the time delay does not seem to be related to the size of the file.
Switching in the inverse order from zooming to scrolling seems to be smooth.
Switching from scrolling to spanning with Shift+Scroll seems to be fine.
Zooming from rest does not have any noticeable delay.
However, the time delay also appears when switching from spanning to zooming.

Using Zotero 6.0.17-beta.1+b9a5fd9f7 on Windows 10.
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