Fill color for the "Select Area" Option (Highlight Rectangle)

We all know that in Zotero we can select an area and add an annotation. It will show up as a colored border. Is there a way to Fill this rectangle with the same color as the border?
  • No. It's for creating image annotations, not for creating a shape.
  • Is it possible to introduce an area highlight feature just like in foxit reader(where one can simply select a rectangular area and highlight it)? This would be quite useful to many people I believe. I guess the current image annotation feature can be upgraded to area highlighting as well by having an additional option to fill the rectangle with the same color but with a low opacity.
  • Area highlight feature would be awesome. Even tesseract is good enough mostly, not all documents are well prepared for OCR, lots of diactirics, image resolution problems, oversampling, skewing, cleaning background, unpapering etc.. There are lots of workarounds to be able to have a well OCRed document to take the full advantage of Zotero's pdf reader. And area highlight could be the best possible solution for these kind of documents and also for image heavy documents like anatomy, biochemistry (pathways etc..)

    Why should i need a well OCRed document to use Zotero with pleasure? Also area highlight could be used to black out the document's parts, firstly for parts where you don't want to see on document or you want to hide on document secondly for parts which you want to cloze delete to remember or study later.

    Area highlight, area filling and choosing their colours would be great for these kind of reasons.
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