Feature request: Pen colour specific to annotation type

When annotating manuscripts in the iOS app (although the issue is relevant to the desktop program as well), I need to select a colour for the pen (blue; to write maginal comments) and then change the colour for highlighting (yellow). I can't be the only one that uses different colours for highlighting and writing.
It would be ideal to have a separate colour chooser for each annotation type (pen, note, highlight) so the user can set-and-forget the typical preferences. Can this be implemented?
  • Yes, we're going to change this.
  • Wonderful, thank you so much! I was just going to add a feature request for just this.

    So here an opportunity to say thank you very much for this mind-bogglingly wonderful app - the iOS integration was a dream come true, it is just so good!
  • This issue can be considered closed. The latest iOS app (v1.0.11 Build 3) implements this feature in exactly the way I had wished for. Thank you!
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