[Problem] Create Parent Item not attaching PDF - Debug D1335980014

When I use Create a Parent Item to create a parent item for a pdf in my library (Windows 6.0.16), the citation is made but the Create Parent Item window hangs as if it is still working and the PDF is not attached to the citation. I must cancel the Create Parent Item dialog and move the PDF manually to link it to the newly created citation. On rare occasions it does work, but most of the time it hangs.

Submitted Debug ID D1335980014

  • edited November 2, 2022
    [JavaScript Error: "TypeError: selectionMenu is null" {file: "chrome://zoteropdftranslate/content/scripts/index.js" line: 5387}]
    Does it happen if you disable the "Zotero PDF Translate" plugin? Or all other plugins?
  • I disabled all plugins and the problem persists. However, I have found something more. The problem only occurs if I search for the PDF first. If I simply scroll to it without searching and filtering either in MY Library or in a Collection, it works as expected.
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