Zotero Connector: Support for Global Science Press

Could you add support for Global Science Press journals?

I have tried to import the following (open access) article:
For this older article, it does not have a DOI (probably because it was published from another publisher at that time). So importing from the browser can only save it as a Web Page.
I have then opened the PDF file in the browser and imported to Zotero. But the PDF file stays without parent item. The metadata lookup fails: "No matching references found".

I have tried also a more recent article with a DOI:
It can find the DOI and try to import from the DOI. Then it opens a popup Zotero Item Selector window (to select a single item). The import into Zotero only gives the parent item metadata, but cannot download the PDF file, although I have access to it.
In this case, the import from the PDF file works nicely to solve the problem.

In both cases, they do have an "Export citation" option from the article page, so the metadata should be available to build a connector?
Thank you very much.
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