Very confused with the 'Add Note from Annotations' output


I am using Zotero 6 and Obsidian, via de Zotero Integration plugin from Obsidian. After performing several highlights on an article, from the Zotero PDF reader, I export these highlights as an 'Annotations' file via the command 'Add Note from Annotations'. All fine, it generates this file with all my highlights, and I can toggle them in order to see the colours (I use different colours for the different types of highlighting I do, like many others).

Before I was able to import this highlights into Zotero and preserve the highlight color information (with Zotero 5 and zotflie), something very useful as then I can use the color tag in order to better classify the highlighted notes under Obsidian. However at the moment and after fighting for months, still have not been able to find a workaround for this. Surprisingly I saw on the forum some people who claim they managed it..but the information they provide is very confusing. Apparently the templates they are creating are accessing a mysterious variable called {{annotations}}...but after inspecting the 'Annotations' file generated by Zotero 6, I can only see the highlights all grouped under a single key called {{markdownNotes}}. Am I missing anything in here? Basically I would like to have an Annotations file generated by Zotero in which I can loop through all the highlights and get their 'color' information, so then on my Obsidian template I can take the appropriate actions. As I said, before I did not have any problems with that, but now it has become a total nightmare for me.

Any help more than welcome!
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