Failure importing PubMed exported file

edited October 27, 2022
Repeatedly get an error attempting to import citations exported from PubMed. Most recent failure: 1244312519

Was able to import all references by importing first into EndNote, then exporting as XML and importing that into Zotero, though even this failed on first attempt.

The PubMed file:

Likely to be just an off day for my Zotero but thought I'd share in case there is a bug.

Zotero: 6.0.15

Mac OS X: 12.6.1
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    Imports for me, but you're getting some errors.

    Can you disable all third-party plugins, restart Zotero, and provide a Debug ID (different from a Report ID) for an attempt that results in an error?
  • @dstillman, disabling ZotFile (and after a restart) and it seems to work now. Good reminder to uninstall ZotFile actually. Thanks for checking the import.
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