Order of closing tabs

I'm not sure if this has been raised (I searched) - if so, my apologies

When I'm reading PDFs and want to close the tab, I use Ctrl-W (on Windows). The problem arises when I want to close multiple tabs. If I am closing the most recently opened tab (so farthest to the right) and do this quickly, I keep expecting Zotero to move to the next most recently opened tab (next rightmost tab), but it jumps back to the main Library tab instead and I accidentally close the whole program. I can understand the logic for it jumping back to the library tab, but I'm not sure it's helpful to be able to close the whole program using the same shortcut as I close a reading tab, as I am likely to want to do the latter often and the former much less often.

  • Yes, jumping back to the library tab from the most recently opened tab is by design. (If you want to reset that, just switch to another tab and back.) Ctrl-W shouldn't close the window if there are multiple tabs open, though. We'll fix that — thanks.
  • (Actually we have an open ticket for this. We just haven't fix it yet.)
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