Find items with "Link to URI" attachments

I would like to find all the items that have "Link to URI" attachments.
In the Advanced Search, the closest I could find is "Attachment File Type" - "is". But then, the list of attachment types does not include a "Link to URI" option.

I have tried also "Attachment File Type" - "is not" - "PDF". I have also added "Match all" and added all the "Attachment File Type" - "is not". And I have ticked "Include parent and child items of matching items". This gets me closer to what I what, but I am still getting items with a PDF file and a note, but no link. And also exotic results, like files without extension, or docx, epub, ...

Am I missing something? Otherwise, is it possible to add more options in the "Attachment File Type": "Link to URI", "Note", ...?

I have tried also to add the column "Attachments" to sort my library. But an item with only one "Link to URI" attachment does not have anything displayed in that column.
So it seems that "Link to URI" attachment (with type "Attachement" in the Item Type column) is not considered as an attachment also in that column.
Any other option?
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