Potential infinite loop when trying to Find Available PDF

Debug ID: D1513288342

Looking at the item added by identifier from this DOI: 10.1007/s15006-021-0255-3

The "Find available PDF" dialog gets stuck and seems to run code in an infinite loop
  • Perhaps worse, it doesn't look like this operation stops after canceling Find Available PDF...
  • And one more -- a GET request to a URL fails with a 500 code and Zotero keeps and keeps retrying, freezing other Find Available PDF activities:
    D413054821 (URL is in the debug)
  • First one looks like infinite 302 redirects. We'll fix — thanks.

    Second one is #2700.
  • @adamsmith: Actually, can you provide a Debug ID for just the first 5 seconds or so of the first one? When I try that item (off-campus, obviously), I get "Redirect URL has already been tried -- skipping" and it stops.
  • This is also remote (I don't think we have access to the paper anyway, though, so likely doesn't matter):

    1. Import item by identifier
    2. Enable debug
    3. Find Available PDF
    4. Wait a couple of second
    5. Cancel Find available PDF
    6. Submit Debug

  • Both of these should be fixed now in the latest beta.
  • Fix for 1. confirmed.
    I forgot with DOI I used for 2. (it's in the debug), so can't test that quickly, but sounds like you had plenty of test cases there.
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