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Of course the people behind Zotero have a lot on their plate. How much of a priority is it to make a pluggin for the DuckDuckGo browser on the macOS Monterey system?
  • What would that plugin do? There's no plugin/import for any general-purpose search engine and the concept doesn't make a lot of sense in the context of Zotero.
  • I don't think fentonh is talking about a translator but about a port of the zotero connector to the duckduckgo browser:

    Since it's based on safari rendering engine, maybe the connector for safari works?
  • Pedrom described exactly what I'm looking for. When landing on platforms for academic articles, the pluggins for either FF or Safari allow directly downloading the citation data. There doesn't seem to be any way to do this for DDG. The same holds for the GooglePatent database. DDG also doesn't register any tracking attempts (cookies?) from Zotero.
    Instead, I've been downloading the metadata in .ris format and importing into Zotero. The .ris format apparently doesn't include more than the most basic data - especially abstracts. Zotero does much better.
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    ah sorry, yes, I misunderstood. I'd be surprised if Zotero added explicity support for another browser.
    Other supported browsers without tons of users (like Brave and Opera) work because they are able to use other browser's add-ons. Surely DDG must have thought about that and be able to use the extension system of one of the major browsers?
  • Roughly 75% down the article which Pedrom recommended is a description of how DDG differs from other browsers. Maybe that interferes with Zotero? That being said, the folks who wrote DDG state that it's a beta version. DDG streams on Twitter.
  • You'd have to find out from DDG what their plans for extensions are. I'm pretty sure Zotero isn't going to do anything specifically for a browser unless it's got at least some percent market share.
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