[Feature request] Searchable collection names

edited October 21, 2022
I use collections extensively; as such, I sometimes forget where I placed sub-collections.

Solution: Allow collection to be searched. This could be done on the current search bar (a new dropdown could be "Collection"), with a new search bar on top of the folder section, or in the advancement menu when collection is selected allow this to be searchable.

I realise I could use tags to do this but I prefer the visual structure folders afford.

Please let me know if this is already possible or if there are any plugins or solutions!
  • Just to be clear. Are you talking about Zotero collections/subcollections?
  • edited October 21, 2022
    Yes, I'm actually talking about collections/subcollections when I say folders. I'll update that. Thanks for pointing that out. Do you know if this is possible? If not, do you think it is will be useful to add?
  • edited October 21, 2022
    Collection search might happen at some point, but you can click a collection and press + to expand all and then just start typing the name of a collection to select it.
  • edited October 25, 2022
    Thanks, dstillman. That helps at least. I hope it can get introduced at some point. I just noticed a few others have also requested this on another post: https://forums.zotero.org/discussion/23377/searching-collection-names/p2
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