Zotero 6.0.15 for Mac periodic error typing to search through references list

This is a little hard to phrase, but it has happened to me repeatedly over the last week or two. It is always fixed by restarting Zotero. If I missed another discussion about this, I apologize, please merge, but I thought I'd post because I didn't see anything about it.

When searching for an item, the fastest way is usually to type the first few letters of the author's name, and Zotero will scroll down with each keystroke.

But now, sometimes (usually after Zotero has been left open for a while, and again, fixed by quitting and relaunching it), when I press a key, part of the Info panel is focused instead, and the scrolling function no longer responds to the keyboard. So it feels like it get stuck.
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    It happened again today, so I took a screen capture: https://imgur.com/a/xMjwzjG

    If I select the "Anderson" entry with my mouse, then I press "b" on my keyboard, "Baker" is selected but focus shifts to the pane below and the "author" (creator) dropdown is focused. Because something in the other pane is focused, pressing "b" again does not advance to the next item with a "b...." author as should occur.

    If I reset it (by clicking on the name "Anderson" for example), those actions described will repeat. (If I restart Zotero, it resets.)

    I also submitted a Debug ID: D1270716774. (This follows the steps above: click on "Anderson", press "b".)

    Interestingly, this only happens when I press a key corresponding to an author in the current collection. If I press another letter, for example "x" or "z" (assuming no authors with those letters) then nothing happens: no change of focus, and the current item remains highlighted.

    (I will leave Zotero open for now, with this bug happening, in case there's some other information I can provide. Note that if I restart Zotero it will reset this until it happens again after the app has been open for a while.)
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    Thanks — we needed the detail that the itemcreator type menu gets focused. This happens if you previously selected that menu via the keyboard, such as by tabbing out of the Title field, which we only recently made possible.
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    I got reproducible steps for this behaviour on Windows 10, if it is useful for debugging. It does not seem to be related to the Title field but to the Creator field.
    1) Select an item in the central pane of My Library
    2) Press Tab multiple times until it reaches the creator type selector (with the bottom arrow on the left).
    3) With the mouse, click another item in the central pane
    4) Press Down arrow key to go to the next item
    At that step, the focus jumps back to the Info pane on the creator type selector.

    Debug ID: D642329915

    Variations of step 2:
    2-v1) Click on the creator type selector
    2-v2) Press Tab multiple times until it reaches the white rectangle on the right of the creator, or click on it directly

    Solution: Press Tab after the focus jump to switch to another non-problematic position (or just click on it directly), and then go back to the central pane with the mouse.

    There may be other problematic positions, but these two are the ones I noticed.

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    @mjthoraval: Thanks, but I just mistyped above — I meant "creator type menu", not "item type menu". It's exactly what's shown in the screenshot from @djross3. As I say, it happens if you tab out of the Title field, or if you Shift-Tab out of the Last Name field.
  • I see, thanks. Then it only adds minor points:
    1) You can also trigger it by clicking on the "creator type menu" (no need to tab).
    2) You can also trigger it with the white rectangle after the author field.
    3) You can trigger it with the up and down arrows instead of the navigation with letters in the central pane.
  • Here's a new Debug ID is D1919457151.

    I just noticed this happening again, but now it's also happening with the arrow keys (down or up, when I try to move from one item to the next above/below, the focus shifts down to Info pane and focuses the creator dropdown). [I don't recall this happening before but I'm not certain because I didn't test for it specifically.]
  • We don't need any more info on this.
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    [Edited: yes, I see now the arrow keys had already been reported. Thank you.]
  • It's mentioned above, and it's the same problem with the creator type menu. All we needed was your screenshot above.
  • This should be fixed in the latest Zotero beta, and the fix will be included in Zotero 6.0.19.
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