Bug Report: ID 215383651

edited October 18, 2022
Quick description: cannot open the advanced preference pane, neither the help button, neither the plugin menu.

Steps to reproduce:
From Zotero desktop interface ; click on Edition ; Preferences ; Advanced editor configuration. Here nothing happens when I expect to access the advanced pref editor.

Some context:
I edited Betterbibtex plugin recently, but nothing drastic (changed export pref).
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    You're getting all sorts of errors from plugins.

    You should obviously try just restarting Zotero if you haven't.

    If that doesn't help, you can hold down Shift at startup to start Zotero in Safe Mode with plugins disabled and see if it still happens. You can also delete the 'extensions' folder in your Zotero profile directory and try reinstalling plugins one by one.
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    Thanks for this answer, here is the new ID after following the first part of the procedure (start with shift held down) : 2037678134. The problem remains I 'm afraid.

    I'm not sure that I started in safe mode though, is there another way to do that? From the windows run command maybe? What about shift+ctrl when starting up?

    Anyway please inform me if something came up from the new report, then I'll will try to delete the plugins.

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    Ok it seems that the beta update solved the main problem! So I can now reach the advanced preferences again.

    A really minor issue remains though, that is from Edit>Preference menu, the help buton in the down right corner of the windows doesn't seem to work (nothing happen after clicking it). I mean I can still reach the Help menu from the main interface anyway so I don't see problem on my side but I think it is worth to mention.

    See New ID: 785699647
  • The beta wouldn't have affected this. You might just not have fully restarted Zotero before, or you might've gotten a plugin update.

    The Help button should open various webpages in the browser, and does for me. You're still getting an error from BBT, which might be affected this:
    JavaScript Error: "TypeError: this.prefwindow is undefined" {file: "chrome://zotero-better-bibtex/content/better-bibtex.js" line: 262576}]
  • Thank you, I'll check that later.
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