RIS import: "The selected file is not in a supported format"

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  • I'm having this exact issue: there were a couple of spaces in front of the TY tag so I deleted them and am still getting the error message. Here are the first few lines:
    TY - JOUR
    ID - 1
    A1 - Skobba, Kimberly
    A1 - Carswell, Andrew T.
    T1 - Community Land Trust Homeowners: Past and Present Housing Experiences
    Y1 - 2014
    VL - 43
  • That should definitely import (e.g., if you copy those lines and do File → "Import from Clipboard…"). If that's not working, generate a Debug ID for an import that fails, and then reset your translators from the Advanced → Files and Folders pane of the Zotero preferences.
  • Thanks, I sent the Debug ID to Zotero and resetting the translators made the import work flawlessly!
  • You would have to post the Debug ID here for us to look at it.
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