MHRA style and film citations

Hello! I use the 'MHRA 3rd edition (note with bibliography)' citation style. I notice when I generate a bibliography, for the films I reference the director's name is omitted when it should be included. Is there a way to update this?

Here is an example from the MHRA guidelines of how a film citation should look:

The Grapes of Wrath, dir. by John Ford (20th Century Fox, 1940).

Many thanks!
  • That is most likely due to the update to CSL version 1.0.2.

    I'll take a look.
  • Many thanks!
  • I clicked the link and selected 'ok' to add citation style, but is there somethign else I should do from there? If I just try generating bibliography like normal it is doing the same thing it was previously.

    Thanks for your help
  • Assuming you're using a Word document or the like, hit "Refresh" under "Document Preferences" in the Zotero tab in Word to update your citations.

    If that doesn't work switch to APA and then back to MHRA. That will trigger a full rerender of citations.
  • I just had the chance to try this and I'm afraid neither approach is working. In testing it, I added a film citation to a word document I had previously been working on. When I switched to APA and back to MHRA it was the only footnote that changed style, and even though I have set up automatic bibliography updates, it would not appear in the bibliography, even if I manually refreshed. It also still does not include director name. In addition, when I am in the zotero app on my iMac, if I select the relevant items and 'generate bibliography from collection', director name is also still not included.
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    This works for me as such:

    Can you tell us the date of the MHRA style you're using?

    If it's anything that is NOT yesterday's date you didn't install the style correctly and can get it here:
  • Ah yes, this was definitely the issue! I installed the style from the link you just sent and now the director names show up. Thank you!

    I am still having trouble with my bibliography not updating, though--not sure if it's related to the style update or something separate though. I added a new citation to an existing document, but that new citation does not automatically appear in the bibliography (as I have it set to do). If I erase the bibliography to try to start over and click 'add/edit bibliography', it only includes the one new citation and not any of the others previously in the document. Any suggestions?

    Thanks so much for the help on all of this.
  • That sounds a problem not with the style, but something with your document.
    See this guide for potential causes:
  • Yup that seems to answer my question! Thank you again.
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