Displaying urls in APA 7th edition citations

How do I make the url links to articles in databases (or on the web) display at the end of each citation in a bibliography? Even when the "include urls of paper articles in references" box is checked, the urls do not show up in the bibliography. Thanks.
  • If that box is checked and the item data has a URL, they will definitely show up in APA style. Double check that you are using the correct style—American Psychological Association (7th edition)
  • I've tried this and it still doesn't display the url. I am using the correct APA style. It adds the DOI but not the url to the citation. Thanks.
  • Oh, it wouldn't add the URL if it has a DOI already -- why should it? The DOI is a permanent form of the URL and strictly preferred.
  • P.S. I also sometimes find that the DOI links don't work.
  • I would like the url to be displayed in addition to the DOI so that I can easily access the full text of the article in my library databases. A DOI won't always link to the full text and DOI links sometimes don't work. Thanks.
  • You'd have to modify the style then, as that's not in line with APA rules:
  • Just to be clear, though, this really is misguided. The DOI is simply a permanent redirect to the current publisher page. You end up in exactly the same place, so it doesn't make sense to say that the DOI won't always link to the full text — it's the same thing, except a URL is tied to a publisher's current website scheme while a DOI can always be updated to point to the current official URL. DOIs are a cornerstone of the academic publishing system.

    (And if what you mean re: full text is that you're storing proxied URLs from your institution in the URL field, that's wrong as well — you don't cite proxied URLs, since they're tied to a specific institution. The URL field should always be the official publisher page. The Zotero Connector and other tools can automatically redirect you through your university proxy as necessary.)
  • I realize that it is not a correct citation format, I just need it that way for my own use. I was able to customize this in another citation management program and was wondering if I could do the same in Zotero. Thanks.
  • Just in case that wasn't clear, I linked to instructions for modifying citation styles above. The basic idea would be to find an if/else-if combination for URL/DOI and remove that and instead always print both.
  • If you are wanting to link to an open access version of an item, you could add that information to Extra like this:
    References: Open access version: https://example.com

    But as Dan says above, if your intention is just to add a second link to the publisher webpage (which the DOI already points to in a more reliable way), I’m not sure I see the point
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