Change font colour for some links

I am adding Evernote links (evernote:///view/...) in my Zotero notes, to connect some of my research notes in Evernote with the ones I make in Zotero.
At the moment, I cannot distinguish between these Evernote links and other links (http links for example).
I would like to be able to identify visually these Evernote links by changing their font colour, from blue to green for example. Is there anyway to do that, either manually for each link, or automatically for all Evernote links?

The only colour formatting available at the moment is the highlighting. But this would be confusing I think with the Displaying Annotation Colors feature.
I have seen that normal text can be coloured by copying from another text editor. But the links are always forced to be in blue, even if I add it on top of a text in another colour.
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