[Bug - 6.0.16-beta.3] Locked in looped TypeError

When I make a broken link zotero:// (just this empty link) in a note in Zotero 6.0.15 and click on it, it opens a popup window titled "Launch Application", saying "This link needs to be opened with an application. Send to:".
But when try to open it in the latest beta 6.0.16-beta.3+29dd0cf5d, it constantly generates some errors, making Zotero unusable: see screen recording.

It already generates some errors from the first click, when the popup window displays the link. But it is only after clicking a second time that the errors looping is triggered.

Report ID before the second click: 1781050597
Debug ID before the second click: D1059680443.
I also managed to submit the Debug ID after triggering the error looping: D2027665511

Here are the errors that appear:
[JavaScript Error: "event.target.closest is not a function" {file: "resource://zotero/note-editor/editor.js" line: 68673}]
[JavaScript Error: "inputRef.current is null" {file: "resource://zotero/note-editor/editor.js" line: 51093}]

TypeError: event.target.closest is not a function @resource://zotero/note-editor/editor.js:68673:19
TypeError: event.target.closest is not a function @resource://zotero/note-editor/editor.js:68673:19

This kind of broken link is relevant to the Better Notes plugin, which leaves zotero://note/... links in the notes after being disabled. With this error, clicking on these links will crash Zotero, instead of having simply broken links.
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