Does Zotero need to be closed when making Incremental Backup?

I have read a number of reminders that the database/program needs to be closed before copying the data folder to avoid corruptions. Is this also true for automatic backups, particularly incremental b/u programs?
  • You shouldn't worry about it. Just having Zotero open is fine. It's possible that if you were extremely unlucky Zotero could be writing to the database and it could be in an inconsistent state precisely when the backup of that one file happened, but that's very unlikely, and in most cases even that would be automatically corrected on the next startup. You'd also be backing up Zotero's automatic database backups in the same folder, which wouldn't be in use. And the point of an incremental backup is (hopefully) that you're backing up all the time, so even if one backup was in a problematic state, the versions before and after would be fine.
  • Excellent - thank you for the quick reply.
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