Problems with "Fire Science and Technology" translator

edited October 6, 2022
For example:

If a translator revision is not feasible, would someone please provide the details that I should convey to the journal so that they may make sense of my requests to make their metadata more available and accurate to Zotero and to bibliographic management software in general. I have tried to convey what I need to the journal's abstracting and indexing person but I don't have the proper technical jargon to express in English what must be understood by someone who has as much trouble with English as I have with Chinese. I have confidence that the journal will make the necessary changes because they are quite eager to be indexed by my service and more widely. This has the appearance of a trade journal because of its advertising (and overly busy website) but it is a quite well-respected technical journal in China and elsewhere (much as JAMA is supported with pharmaceutical and medical equipment ads).

Author last and first names are reversed and in some cases the upper case last name tricks the Zotero translator into recognizing false initials. This complicates my editing of the author names.

Is there any possibility to obtain starting and ending page numbers? Currently only beginning page is retrieved.

Is there any possibility to obtain the URL to the article itself instead of the URL to the journal website?

The BibTeX contains beginning and ending pagination and also the URL to the article.

The BibTeX also contains the author names in Chinese characters (acceptable for my purposes but probably not for most Zotero users).

The RIS provides English author names with last name in upper case with a space and then a first name beginning with an upper case character. (Sometimes the RIS link results in a 500 status code error.)

Thanks in advance.
  • This is just the embedded metadata translator, there's no dedicated one (not sure we want to write one for a single small journal).
    Here are the relevant bits in the metadata that need to get fixed:
    <meta name="citation_firstpage" content="1066" />
    <meta name="citation_authors" content="LI Sheng-yan, MA Hong-yan, DOU Jia-ming, YE Yong-xue" />
    <meta name="citation_abstract_html_url" content=""; />

    1. The metadata would also need a citation_lastpage tag to get the full page range.
    2. The authors should ideally be in individual citation_author tags in family, givenname format (name="citation_author" content="Li, Sheng-yan") or otherwise in natural name order in the citation_authors tag (Sheng-yan Li, Hong-yan Ma...)
    3. the citation_abstract_html_url should be the landing page URL
  • Thanks, Sebastian. I'll write using your examples.
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