Error when auto-syncing and when creating a new collection

(These errors were originally posted to a different thread [], but Dan Stillman asked me to start a new thread.)

I submitted both an Error report and a Debug report (781551794, D1156620210). I get the error immediately with autosync.

Also another error that popped up the same time is this: When I attempt to create a new collection, it gives me the popup box and I type in the name, but nothing happens (i.e. there is no new collection.) Then when I click in the window where the references are, the window is replaced with this error: "An error has occurred. Please restart Firefox. You can report this error by selecting "Report Errors..." from the Actions (gear) menu."

I also sent an error report and debug report for this. (1414311185, D1008361377). I turned off syncing in this instance so the errors don't collide. (Sorry, if I should have posted this seperately. I assume they are related.)

Also I should note that my Google account keeps logging out on me when I exit Firefox. Maybe all this weird behavior is a FF problem. Although, I haven't upgraded lately...


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    As I noted on the other thread, this has nothing to do with syncing. You're getting a DB error on startup. Unfortunately the error doesn't provide any information to go on. But you should check your database integrity from the Advanced pane of the Zotero preferences, make sure you have write access to the folder (is this a regular folder or a network drive? permissions?), make sure there's no zotero.sqlite-journal file in your Zotero data directory when Firefox is closed (deleting it if there is) [Edit: Don't do this.], make sure no other Firefox process is accessing the same folder... You could also try disabling other Firefox extensions.
  • In short, I just needed to restart my computer. (I should have known that was the first step to try.)

    A slightly longer answer is that I found the zotero.sqlite-journal file and couldn't delete it even though FF was closed. The OS said another program was using it.

    Thank you again Dan for your quick and helpful support. I'm sure your willingness to provide fast support is what helps make Zotero such a great product.

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    Dan, you wrote above:
    ..."make sure there's no zotero.sqlite-journal file in your Zotero data directory when Firefox is closed (deleting it if there is)"....

    Around 3/18/2010 11 PM, I continue to have a zotero.sqlite-journal file in the ZoteroStorage directory.

    zotero.sqlite, 100,961 KB, SQLITE File, 3/18/2010 6:49 PM
    zotero.sqlite.bak, 100,801 KB, BAK File, 3/17/2010 7:04 PM
    zotero.sqlite-journal, 100,853 KB, SQLITE-JOURNAL File, 3/18/2010 6:49 PM

    The datestamp of the zotero.sqlite.bak file just changed (before my eyes at 11:51 PM) to 3/18/2010 6:49 PM! Firefox is open, but Zotero had not been opened since the PC was restarted today. Zotero 2.0.2 was installed around noon 3/16/2010. The PC had been rebooted and restarted since then.

    What is the zotero.sqlite-journal?
    What is its function? (Synchronization?)
    Should it be present? (There is no other machine being synchronized.)
    Should I delete it?
  • Are you having trouble with Zotero? If not, you can safely ignore zotero.sqlite-journal and its cousins.

    If you are, describe the issue. I wouldn't necessarily assume that Dan's advice is meant to be universal.

    As for the zotero.sqlite-journal file, it is used for, unsurprisingly, what is called "journaling". Journaling is a method used by databases (like the sqlite database that Zotero uses internally) to ensure data validity-- it lets the database recover if it is interrupted in the middle of an operation, among other things.
  • ajlyon --
    Thank you for responding so quickly. I am not having trouble, but I am black-box testing to forestall future trouble by better understanding the application.

    The journal file is new in Zotero 2, as is synchronization. I thought it might have to do with tracking synchronization progress, if used. It appeared too large to be a transaction journal (transaction log). But from your reply, it appears to be a roll-back copy.

    I didn't know whether or not Dan's comment about no journal when Firefox is closed was general or particular to the problem being addressed. No offense intended.

    Best regards, and thanks again

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