Citation style


Could you please help me find the name of this citation style:

1. Author, F.: Article title. Journal 2(5), 99–110 (2016).
2. Author, F., Author, S.: Title of a proceedings paper. In: Editor, F., Editor, S. (eds.) CONFERENCE 2016, LNCS, vol. 9999, pp. 1–13. Springer, Heidelberg (2016).
3. Author, F., Author, S., Author, T.: Book title. 2nd edn. Publisher, Location (1999).
4. Author, F.: Contribution title. In: 9th International Proceedings on Proceedings, pp. 1–2. Publisher, Location (2010).
5. LNCS Homepage,, last accessed 2016/11/21.

And through the paper, it's a (author, year).

Thank you.
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