Is it possible to do a literature search from Zotero?

Coming form Mendeley, and this feature was useful. Thanks.
  • No, one of the design principles of Zotero is that you use database searches in your browser, where you can take full advantage of any database's search features. This is unlikely to change (also doesn't get requested very often)
  • Understood, thanks!
  • edited October 5, 2022
    I very often find that I need to do a web search for a paper which I have as an item but not PDF in Zotero, or search for a reference in a PDF paper's reference list. Find Available PDF does not search a sufficiently wide range of sources for me. I guess I could add a Lookup Engine, but IIUC that requires coding. And neither option is always available (eg for non-items/non-DOIs). I really just need a simple way of doing a Google (not Scholar) search on the paper title. So I wrote a keyboard shortcut in Quick Access Popup that copies the selected text (paper title) to the clipboard, switches to Firefox, opens a new tab, selects the search bar at the top, pastes the clipboard text into it, and executes the search. It's assigned to Ctrl Shift G.
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