Force11 Workshop for Zotero for Datasets?

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FORCE11 "is a community of scholars, librarians, archivists, publishers and research funders that has arisen organically to help facilitate the change toward improved knowledge creation and sharing."

I'm considering proposing a half-day workshop on implementing support for dataset import to Zotero for this year's FORCE2022 conference. Proposal deadline is October 20th, workshops would be Dec. 5. The goal would be to fix up existing data repository translators and add new ones.

Two questions about this, mainly for the Zotero team:
1) A precondition for this would be, I think, for the dataset item type to be officially available in Zotero by December -- is that going to be the case?
2) Would anyone else be interested in co-facilitating this -- either from the Zotero team or anyone else comfortable with translator coding.

I think this would create a lot of excitement and I'd love to see it happen.
  • A precondition for this would be, I think, for the dataset item type to be officially available in Zotero by December -- is that going to be the case?
    Sure, we can make that happen.
  • Awesome -- thanks! I'll post here if it gets accepted -- We have a fully fleshed out proposal on the zotero-bits repo and CSL dataset already exists, so this should be ready to implement, but obviously lmk if any questions come up.
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    @dstillman -- the Force11 conference got postponed until April 18-20, but the workshop is accepted for April 20 -- it'd be really wonderful to have the item type available then, at least in a beta version. (It would also, of course, be nice advertising for Zotero).

    edit: still very happy for someone to join me in facilitating. You don't need to be an expert in Zotero translators, but if you understand CSS selectors and some basic javascript, you're likely going to be able to help people out.
  • @dstillman -- could you confirm that this is still going to be feasible? I'll have to plan accordingly for the workshop.
  • Yep, we'll have this ready before then.
  • Thanks, that's terrific.
  • Dataset is available in the latest beta, along with Standard. These will sync to the web (without icons there yet) but not iOS for probably another week.

    These can probably be used in Scaffold now (let me know if not), but the Connector may need to be updated for saving to work. We'll check that in the next few days.
  • Thanks, that's great! Quick initial test for dataset:
    - Scaffold works
    - Embedded metadata translator works out of the box
    - Icon for dataset is great
    - Connector (Firefox) works, too, but has no icon at all when dataset is detected.
  • Where are you testing dataset with the Connector?
  • We've just released Zotero 6.0.24 and Zotero 1.0.12 for iOS with the Dataset type.

    For the Connector, we're submitting 5.0.108 (with the icon fix) for Chrome and Edge now, so they'll probably be out later today. We're not currently able to release a Firefox update but hopefully will be able to soon.
  • (If you're demoing this today, note the Dataset bug with Identifier and Number, fixed in the beta.)
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