Tagging from a search result is very slow

Steps followed in Zotero with all plugins disabled:
- In the Quick Search, select "Everything"
- Paste the following text with quotation marks: "Article in Press"
- Press Enter
- It takes around 20 seconds to get the search results
- Select one of the items in the search result
- Press the key 1 to assign a coloured tag
- It takes around 18 seconds to assign the tag
- The same time is needed to remove the tag from the Tags tab in the right-hand side Item Pane.

The Debug ID is D1778926375.
With the Debug Output opened, the search time and the tagging time both take longer than 5 minutes.

I have 15k items in my library, nearly all of them with a PDF file attachment. So the time for a full text search sounds reasonable to me. But I don't understand why it needs to wait again a similar time just to apply a tag.
  • I am still seeing the same problem in the latest Zotero 7 Beta (7.0.0-beta.40+24ae34104 (64-bit)).
    It is still the same problem with an Advanced Search or a Saved Search.

    Is it necessary to trigger a refresh of the search results at every new tagging event?

    The only solution I could find at the moment to tag items in a search result is to move the search results to a temporary folder and do the tagging from there.

    Since the search results will only select the item where it has found the match, in the example above, it would mostly match the child items.
    In order to select all the parent items to move them to a temporary folder, you need to do:
    - Select one item in the search results
    - Press Ctrl + A to select all the search results
    - Press - to move the selection to the parent items
    - Drag & drop all the items to the temporary folder, or from a right-click: Add to Collection
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