Tagging from a search result is very slow

Steps followed in Zotero with all plugins disabled:
- In the Quick Search, select "Everything"
- Paste the following text with quotation marks: "Article in Press"
- Press Enter
- It takes around 20 seconds to get the search results
- Select one of the items in the search result
- Press the key 1 to assign a coloured tag
- It takes around 18 seconds to assign the tag
- The same time is needed to remove the tag from the Tags tab in the right-hand side Item Pane.

The Debug ID is D1778926375.
With the Debug Output opened, the search time and the tagging time both take longer than 5 minutes.

I have 15k items in my library, nearly all of them with a PDF file attachment. So the time for a full text search sounds reasonable to me. But I don't understand why it needs to wait again a similar time just to apply a tag.
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