Zotero (Mac 6.0.15) Not Syncing to WebDAV

Report ID: 316799155

For two weeks, I have been having trouble with Zotero on my Mac continuously syncing. Previously, synchronizations took about one minute. This occurs when connected to multiple networks (i.e., residential and university).

For many years, I have been using https://dav.box.com/dav/zotero as my WebDAV server; however, thinking that I was running into a problem with box.com's WebDAV server, which has been planned for closed service, I tested two other WebDAV servers for which I have accounts: pcloud.com and idrive.com.

None of the three servers will now verify my credentials (I've tested this using two different residential Internet-connected Wi-Fi networks (one with a VPN, the other without a VPN).

I have also reset my sync history and attempted to reverify with all three WebDAV servers.

Still no luck getting a connection.

I'm stumped as to what to try next.

I do have a confirmed backup of my all Zotero files (e.g., library data and file attachments) so have I have local copies of all attachments.

I sure hope that you have a suggestion for me.

  • Box WebDAV was discontinued, and pCloud is both extremely unreliable and I believe discontinued WebDAV for non-paying users. If you're having trouble with another WebDAV server, we'd want to see a Debug ID (different from a Report ID) for a Verify Server attempt that fails.
  • Thank you. I apologize for posting a Report ID rather than a Debug ID. I'll seek to be accurate in future posts.
  • edited October 2, 2022
    No, that’s not something you’re supposed to know — a Report ID is the default thing we ask for. We just may request a Debug ID for diagnosing certain problems.
  • dstillman,
    Thank you for helping me (and all of us).

    I did a bit more digging in the fora, and realized that Zotero and my data are too valuable to risk being done on the cheap. I ponied up and autosubscribed to a Zotero Storage unlimited plan. My files are now uploading.

    I recommended WebDAV storage in a recent YouTube video lecture t I'll post a correction in my next video, recommending Zotero Storage to students.

    Thanks again for your patience and kind assistance.

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