I've got a trojan!

Sorry, didn't mean to boast....

Trying to insert a citation in Word, and Win Defender kindly let me know it has detected Trojan:Script/Wacatac.B!ml in what I think is a Zotero temp file (... appdata\local\temp\ZOTA96A.tmp). It's been quarantined, but I can't work on my assignment!
Not sure if it's come in on a recent update of Zot, or it's just found a home for the moment. I'm running a full scan now to find out.

Running Win11Pro, Lenovo X13 intel12...

Any thoughts? Please?
  • That would be a false positive. That file is just a temporary file created automatically while Zotero generates a citation. There‚Äôs no malware in Zotero.
  • Thanks, @dstillman... I didn't think there would be malware in Zotero: more concerned that it came from somewhere else, and found somewhere nice to land and infect!
    till running MS Safety Scanner, just in case...
    False positives are never a nice thing, whether the virus is virtual or real!
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